About Us

Let us start by saying that this isn’t the tea house or the tree house! We don’t sell delicious tea that the English gentry, the Chinese and loads of others have been known to drink. We also don’t build tree houses that you play in or let escapees hide out in! We make and sell t-shirts! Yes, t-shirts as in clothing. You generally wear our products, or you use them as rags or something when they’ve passed their use by date! That’s it.

You know if we had a dollar for everytime we’ve been confused with the tea house or the tree house we’d probably be rich like Richard Branson. No doubt we’d be mailing your shirts from some lush tropical island and not from the mean streets of Melbourne, Australia. So there it is… rant over!

OK now that we got that out of our system we’ll continue. Theteehouse was founded in June 2012 by two hopelessly devoted t-shirt tragics. Not content with merely purchasing t-shirts by the truckload, we decided we had to make them as well. People say we can be a bit odd, as you’ll no doubt see in our collection but they’ll also say that we’re on a kind of obsessive compulsive mission to give you the best possible quality and service that we can.

If you love our shirts then great… We love you too! If you think our shirts suck then that’s also great because you can help us not suck by suggesting new ideas and designs. To all you artists and designers out there – go ahead and SUBMIT designs to us! If we like your stuff then we’ll be in touch about showcasing your stuff here.

So that’s probably enough of our babbling on… There’s shirts to be made and designs to be completed! Cheers for shopping at theteehouse and we’re glad to have you on board.