24 April, 2013

Would there be anyone in the whole word who wouldn't own at least one t-shirt? I'm not sure but I would doubt it! It's just one of those products that's pretty universal and an essential part of any wardrobe. Even if it's just an undergarment it still counts!!!

Personally, all of us at theteehouse are t-shirt fanatics... which is obviously why we decided to start a t-shirt company. Not only do we get to print fresh shirts on a whim for ourselves (YAY!!!) but we get to make shirts for you guys. And we make them with respect. We don't just pump out garments without making sure they're schmick!

Right now we've got our featured designs but very soon we'll be changing things around a bit. You'll be able to sell your shirt ideas through us and make some money (kind of like having a store within our store). And the best part is it doesn't cost anything to do that!!!

Stay tuned for details but our new site should be up and running by mid-year... WHAT??? Did you expect it to happen overnight? Hahaha don't worry, we'll still be uploading new and fresh designs in the meantime and our hoodies are coming soon. So if you need some new swagg you've come tio the right place!